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Driving a luxury convertible Ferrari 458 Spider is about top down and top speed. The Ferrari 458 Spider we have available for rent at Paramount Luxury Rentals is pure speed and power. This exotic convertible can reach top speed of 202 miles per hour and you get to control a 570 horsepower V-8 engine meant to deliver satisfaction. Our Ferrari 458 Spider has a Formula 1 inspired suspension system that will allow you hug corners at ridiculous speeds without a problem, you will be driving a sophisticated exotic convertible considered to be the most powerful spider developed in Maranello, Italy.

Our locations in Miami and South Florida have this car available for immediate delivery or pick-up. You will appreciate every second with this extraordinary convertible whether you plan to take a trip to nearby destinations or attend events in the city. The people around you will be drooling just by looking at the perfect combination of lavish style and raw power that you will be driving. The amazing features of this exotic sports car are not only mechanical (although, that is the reason we love it).You can raise or retract the aluminum lid in less than 15 seconds and the seats are handcrafted with the finest leather available and the particular red accents for the stitching around the seats and for the Ferrari emblem are glorious.

Our rental process is simple and built with your peace of mind as the main objective. We will work to provide you all necessary details about the Ferrari 458 Spider to ensure an excellent worry-free experience on the road during the rental period. We offer airport pick-ups and the most rewarding members club in the industry. Also, we have in-house professional drivers as part of our Chauffeur Service in case you are looking to be driven around, enjoy a comfortable ride and get to your meetings/events on time.

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