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The renown BMW i8 rental Miami with laser headlights and an out of this world spaceship look is available for short and long term rentals at our locations in Miami. This car is the perfect synchronisation of the electric motor and the combustion engine. Making this plug-in hybrid efficiently use the newest available technology in the market for the benefit of the driver. If you are looking for a car that is guaranteed to demand everybody’s attention. Look no more, this supercar is as exotic as they get! Driving this luxury sports car will spark envy on other drivers and on bystanders.
Since the concept car was unveiled by BMW top executives and engineers as the brand’s new supercar focus. This exotic and expensive car has been in high demand by car enthusiasts and professional drivers worldwide. The German engineers who worked on the perfect tuning of this supercar made it possible to develop a car with 357 horsepower hybrid powertrain and fuel efficiently well above 30 MPGs. The BMW i8 is all about technological innovation from design to RPMs. You will enjoy a truly ultimate driving experience when in control of the car. On the design side of the car, you cannot help it to become emotionally involved when you see the exterior lines perfectly combined with the scissor doors. The looks achieved in this luxury coupe are responsible for providing one of the most efficient dynamics in its class to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.

Our rental process is simple and built with your peace of mind as the main objective. We will work to provide you all necessary details about the BMW i8 Rental Miami to ensure an excellent worry-free experience on the road during the rental period. We offer airport pick-ups and the most rewarding members club in the industry.Also, we have in-house professional drivers as part of our Chauffeur Service in case you are looking to be driven around, enjoy a comfortable ride and get to your meetings/events in style and on time.

BMW i8 is available for rent at Paramount Luxury Rentals location in Miami.

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