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Paramount Luxury Rentals started in Miami by a team of enthusiast who live and breathe the South Beach lifestyle. As a matter of fact, they have been flashing glamorous cars around south Florida from Palm Beach to Key Biscayne since the 1990s. The amazing feeling of arriving to events in an astonishing brand new Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari 488 Spider is an emotion they want to share with you.  We have locations in Miami and New York City with a large fleet of luxury rental cars. Of course, including the newest models of the exotic, expensive, and fully loaded sports cars, and SUVs.


You will experience a quick and easy exotic car rental booking process because your time is valuable and we recognize that.

On Time

You can count on us to have your luxury car delivered to your desired location on time. Terefore, keeping you on track with your schedule.


You have a team of car experts one call away ready to help you at any time while on your luxury car rental period.

As a result of our dedication to the proper maintenance of exotic cars and focus on client satisfaction. We have earned recognition as the best and exclusive luxury car rental service in the East Coast. Our clientele includes car enthusiast, business executives, and celebrities. The luxury car rental inventory at our locations in Miami and New York are available for daily and weekly rentals. Additionally, we want our exotic cars and luxury SUVs to give a positive impact to our client’s image. Whether you are arriving at an event or driving around the city. In conclusion, we are reliable and accountable for the entire exotic car rental process. Your experience with Paramount Luxury Rentals will be personalized to fit your needs.

Paramount Luxury Rentals in Miami and NYC

Miami and the South Florida

We want you to enjoy the open road and amazing destinations in the luxury car that you deserve. Not only if you live in the area, but also, if you are visiting our paradise cities for a few days. For example, imagine driving with the top down on a stylish Rolls Royce Dawn over the 7-mile bridge. You will enjoy the ocean breeze and breathtaking scenery.

New York City area

Driving in the city has a different meaning when you are in command of a BMW i8. In fact, you will enjoy getting to your destination regardless of traffic. The amazing feeling of driving one of our luxury cars will get you in a Empire State of mind. Obviously, our cars are fully loaded with the best features available in the market and ready to spoil you.

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In the first place, we specialize in providing a smooth exotic car rental process. Are you looking to drive stylish and expensive exotic cars? For instance, our luxury car rental fleet includes brands like Ferrari, Bentley, Corvette, BMW, Cadillac, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, Maserati, Range Rover, and more.

Paramount Luxury Rentals is a worry-free destination for luxury car rentals in Miami and NYC. In light of the several years of experience efficiently managing requests from high-profile executives, celebrities, and affluent international visitors. Notably, our team includes mechanical professionals who have directly impacted the development of some of the most expensive cars on the road. Equally important, personnel with high-level executive assistance experience and a proven track record to manage event logistics. Also, our private car collections have helped us become intuitively linked to our cars and exceed the competitive demands of this industry. In addition to the large inventory of exotic coupes and convertibles, top of the line luxury sedans, and ultra-luxury SUVs we offer other services like airport pickup and luxury chauffeur.

Work trip?

Get to your meetings on-time and make a lasting impression on your business partners. Drive an luxury car that to emphasize how serious you are about making money and living a rewarding lifestyle.


As a results of driving our cars you will get to relax and enjoy VIP treatment everywhere you go! First, drive an exotic convertible or luxury sedan during you vacation. Then, boost your fun time and become the center of attention.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Rental, Paramount Luxury Rental


A luxury coupe is the best way to feel control of over-the-top engine power and amazing design. For this reason we have carefully picked the exotic coupes available in our rental fleet. The luxurious coupes in our inventory have impressive looks as well as the newest features. These coupes have outperformed all others in the road and the track accordingly. In any event, let’s discuss how to match you with the perfect coupe to drive in your next visit to Miami or New York City.

Check out the complete inventory of coupes and special offers.

We have an extensive selection of top-rated coupes including, for instance, the renown BMW i8. This sports supercar has laser headlights coupled coupled with an out-of-this-world spaceship look. Additionally, the i8 is the perfect synchronization of electric motor and combustion engine. It’s important to realize this plug-in hybrid efficiently uses the newest technology in the market for the benefit of the driver. Another example of a superb coupes is the most powerful Rolls Royce built yet: the Rolls Royce Wraith. In short, it has dramatic fastback lines and offers the best way to experience ultimate Grand Touring. This handmade 4-seater is based on the chassis of the Rolls Royce Ghost; furthermore, it has a unique interior with fine leathers and burl walnut accents.

White Porsche 911 Cabriolet- Front Angle Photo


First of all, there are only a few things in life that compares to the feeling of driving an exotic convertible with the top down. We have the best inventory of new luxury convertibles for rent in Miami or NYC for you to browse. For example, you can pick from the best of German engineering in a BMW M4 to the American powerhouse of a Corvette Z06. Of course, you can choose to go with the ultimate sports car experience in a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. There is no way to go wrong Paramount Luxury Rentals have built our inventory by spending hundreds of hours test driving exotic cars and listening to our customers demands.

Check out the complete inventory of convertibles and special offers.

Boost your day by taking control of a luxury convertible that perfectly blends technology and elegance. One of our favorites is the stylish and muscular Ferrari California T. In short, this exotic hard top convertible will break necks anywhere you go. Equally important, you will be driving a car with over 60 years of innovation, an extremely comfortable experience, and with upwards of 550 horsepower. Not only the impressive power delivered by the V8 turbo engine but also you will be driving an exotic convertible with a profile inspired by the pontoon-fender 250 Testa Rossa.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe Rental Miami- Front left Angle Photo


Our fleet of sedans has been assembled to meet the needs of our customers. In the first place, Paramount Luxury Rentals focused on testing only sedans described by top car experts as luxury cars with state-of-the-art features and impeccable interior. Join the fun and comfort of driving a high-performance luxury sedan like the BMW M6 Grand Coupe. This car is made to deliver unmatched style while allowing you to enjoy a spacious interior. Additionally, we provide professional car services so that you can focus on business or leisure while we do the driving. These cars give you enough space to work, play, and relax in the back seat; together with ample storage area.

Check out the complete inventory of sedans and special offers.

If you have not been in control of a Rolls Royce Ghost; you can act today to rectify this! Paramount Luxury Rentals has this amazing luxury sedan available to rent in Miami and NYC. Furthermore, the Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the favorite vehicles in our inventory in light of the extreme attention to detail you will find in the interior and exterior of the car. Whether you are planning to drive the car or would like to be driven around. This car is the epidemy of luxury and elegance; moreover, you will enjoy every minute with this car.

White Range Rover Sport -Front Angle Photo


Need a vehicle that provides an optimal combination of space, comfort, technology, style, and performance? We have multiple options of luxury SUVs available to rent in Miami and New York City. Your family, friends, and/or business partners will enjoy the ride as much as you will. Likewise, Paramount Luxury Rentals provide Chauffeur Services and Airport Pick-Ups that can help enhance your visit by providing a professional and courteous drivers at your service.

Check out the complete inventory of SUVs and special offers.

First, all our SUVs are low mileage, well maintained, and clean engine issues. Second, we understand the importance of driving a reliable luxury SUV during a business trip, night out in the city, or while on vacation. Our favorite luxury SUV is the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG because it has one of the most spacious interior in its class and performance is superb. This glamorous SUV is timeless in light of a design has been in the road for over 30 years. This SUV’s engine is a 5.5L V8 biturbo that will deliver the unmistakable AMG performance. Also, it provides a comfortable interior cabin experience for all passengers. In addition, our fleet includes extra large SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade ESV and more sporty options like the Range Rover Sport.

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