BMW i8 -Pokemon GO car- Paramount Luxury Rentals

BMW i8 – Pokemon go Hunter

Experience the Custom Pokemon Go BMW i8 like never before. This Exotic car was great collaboration with Custom Wrap Design and Paramount Luxury Rentals. Check out what people on South Beach, Miami think of this car and ride along to see some honest reactions to this unique car.

BMW i8 wrapped by Custom Wrap Design in Miami for Paramount Luxury Rental. This vehicle features a custom design by CWD wrap in Miami and implemented as a full wrap on this amazing BMW i8

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Paramount Luxury Car Rentals started in Miami by a team of enthusiast who live and breathe the South Beach lifestyle. As a matter of fact, they have been flashing glamorous cars around south Florida from Palm Beach to Key Biscayne since the 1990s. The amazing feeling of arriving to events in an astonishing brand new Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari 488 Spider is an emotion they want to share with you. We have locations in Miami and New York City with a large fleet of luxury rental cars. Of course, including the newest models of the exotic, expensive, and fully loaded sports cars, and SUVs.

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